25mm classical greek - ancient hoplites 18 cavalry - cav (18709) 
25mm roman era gaul - Gallic warriors 18 figs inf - inf (22559)

Thank You for Celebrating Craft Beer with Us! 

What a craft beer adventure SF Beer Week 2019 has been! We thank you for joining us on the ride!

Long Live Bay Area Craft Beer!

This 11th SF Beer Week was the first produced under the guild's new charter as the 25mm roman era early frank - javelinmen 16 figures - inf (26731). While nothing compares to SF Beer Week, our members look forward to providing you with new beer releases, brewery news, events and updates year round via a shared site, one that invites you to 'Drink Bay Beer.'

25mm ACW union - battalion 32 figures - inf (25162) to learn more, and keep your love of craft beer going throughout the year.

LOTR Me72 Dead Men of Dunharrow Citadel New OOP Games Workshop Meanwhile... we hope you had a great SF Beer Week!
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Rumbleslam Troll - Pro Painted

Most Clicked Events of 2019

DAWNFORGE CRUCIBLE OF LEGEND FULL SET D20 RPG CORE BOOK ROLEPLAYING OGL DND D&D Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seraphon 6 Terradon Ripperdactyl Bundle - NOS
10mm medieval french - 100yrs war knights 39 figures - cav (28672) Shadows over bogenhafen warhammer fantasy roleplay RPG adventure module book
Knight Models Batman DC Miniature Game Harley Quinn crew Gatling painted W897 15mm WW2 russian - infantry world war 2 - inf (18941)
AD&D 2nd Edition Dragonlance Dwarven Kingdoms Of Krynn TSR1086 Box Set Complete  
25mm ACW confederate - american civil war infantry 16 figures - inf (12468)

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